Engineered Flooring

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?


Engineered Wood Flooring is a type of hardwood flooring which is composed of multiple layers of timber stuck together, and then finished with a layer of hardwood lamella. Engineered wood flooring is seen as an appealing alternative to solid wood flooring as it looks similar, but the construction of the plank allows greater stability, meaning it is able to withstand high levels of moisture and fluctuations in temperature, making it an ideal flooring solution for underfloor heating.

Engineered Flooring is the latest premium quality innovation by Australia’s leading in timber flooring products. Floating floor has been designed to take the hassle out of transforming your home with the beauty of a natural timber floor.

The fact that Floating floor is not vertically adhered to the subfloor during the installation process gives it significant advantages over other timber flooring options like traditional floorboards or parquetry.

Easy to Install, Maintain & Repair


Most floating floors are easy to install, easy to keep clean and easy to maintain and moderately easy to repair, should a board become damaged. In many cases, you can even replace a damaged board in the middle of a floor without disturbing adjoining boards!


Install over Moist or Heated Concrete Subfloors


By installing plastic sheeting beneath the foam underlay, or by using Combi-Lay underlay, rising moisture is prevented, making Readyflor both easy and inexpensive to install over a moist subfloor. Installation over heated concrete subfloors is also a breeze with Readyflor. Please check the Installation Instructions Section for advice on installation over heated concrete subfloors.


A Wide Selection of Floating Floors


There is a Wide selection of beautiful Australian and Imported hardwood species to choose from available, Floating Floor can be installed in a matter of hours over any level, solid and dry sub floor, Pre-finished in the factory means no mess, smells or hassles with no sanding and polishing Premium quality 3-layer cross-ply construction to ensure optimum dimensional stability by minimizing expansion or shrinkage Easy ongoing cleaning and maintenance All timber is milled from sustainably managed forests.

The 3-layer construction consists of a top layer, a core layer and a stabilizing bottom layer. Each layer is bonded and pressed together using the latest heat and pressure techniques, with the glue. This 15mm thick timber floor locks together using a tongue and groove system to create a beautiful timber floor that comes already coated and polished.

The top layer – is 4mm of solid species. This is the wear layer of the product and is factory finished with 6 coats of UV-cured acrylic for a scratch resistant finish.

The core layer – is made from 9mm thick pine. It is the middle layer that forms the tongue and groove component of the floor. For added stability the grain runs in the opposite direction to the top and base layers.
The base layer – is a 2mm thick plantation timber, which ensure dimensional stability of the system and is adhere to the core.
The 3-layer creation of Floating floor is exceptionally stable because the cross-ply configuration restrains the movement of any one layer.

Floating Floor is available in 1, 2 and 3 strip sizes.