Hygiene: Floors Are Definitely More Hygienic

One of the biggest advantages of timber/laminate flooring is that it is very much more hygienic than other types of commercial flooring.

It is well proven that carpets can trap dirt, harbor bacteria, some horrifying parasites, allergens like dust mites, fleas and the dust itself.

Even tiles or natural stone which can be a thriving abode for mould and mildew which can very well be harmful and have a negative effect on people who are suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory illnesses.

Timber floors are very easy to clean and do not trap dirt or bacteria which over time does not have bad odours like carpet does and can provide you with a hygienic atmosphere and it can remove all dust particles from your rooms. When dirt or water gets into the carpet it and isn’t cleaned and dried out properly which is a high probability, it starts to smell terrible and this can have a negative effect for your home or on your business. The look of clean floors is always a positive and inviting feeling for your home or any work space.